Karel Trefil

I'm from a generation when exercise was more than just a recommendation from the gym teacher and doctors, but a perfectly natural part of everyday...
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Lucie Švihálková

Hi, my name is Lucka and sport has been with me since childhood. Most of my time has been devoted to athletics. Subsequently, I went through...
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Tomáš Jůza

My name is Tomáš Jůza Since my childhood I was attracted to martial arts, which I did several times before I...
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Anička Hrabáková

Hi my name is Anička and I am a group class trainer at Heaven Gym since May 2022. I'm into sports...
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Lucie Klimovicova

Since I was a little girl, I was driven to sports. My first steps began with modern gymnastics training. Next, I trained in sports...
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Filip Šimeček

Hi, my name is Filip and I started Taekwondo ITF as a preschooler. With the national team of the Czech Republic I...
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