Karel Trefil

Karel Trefil

Karel Trefil

I'm from a generation when exercise was more than just a recommendation from the gym teacher and doctors, but a perfectly natural part of everyday life. When the absence of technology forced us to find entertainment elsewhere, outdoors, through movement and sport. A generation when the availability of information was very limited, and experience was gained through trial and error and hard training.. The world has changed rapidly, but the body has remained fundamentally the same. I believe that the body is a brilliant system through which the whole personality manifests. From the posture, the way you breathe, the tension in your muscles. The body mirrors our whole life and that is why I strive for a holistic approach, which includes diet, mental hygiene, or the now popular ice showers 😊 I distinguish between the concepts of sport and movement and in my trainings I try to show the possibilities and benefits of movement as a way to a healthy, strong and versatile body.. and the joy of movement!

I started practicing KARATE when I was about 9 years old and I am still practicing today. I am a holder of 2nd DANU (just for those who need clear facts) 😊 Under the guidance I also practiced Capoeira, Allkamf- jitsu. I swim like a dolphin, sports in general are more individual than collective to me. I like to test new methods of body and spirit development on myself. I'm always learning. I have my coaching qualification from December 2022 - Yoda Institute. 

But my workouts won't be about me, they'll be about you! Personal or group.


I want to start


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