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Daniela Procházková (18 years old)

Our Lucinka is a great trainer and she is also a friendly and nice person with whom you can solve almost everything ❤

I'm not sure I know what's culer, but if anything, it's probably her workouts. Although they can be strenuous, we never leave her training sessions tired or 'unrewarded'. 

Although I sometimes wonder what the hell I'm doing at a workout, and sometimes think I'll never come back, most of the time I already start to miss the workout when I'm stretching and look forward to the next one ❤

Apart from training, Lucka, together with Fila, can create a unique, incredibly friendly, atmosphere in Nebi, so apart from my trainings I like to go there to talk, learn or watch the trainings of others ?

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Kuba Rajca (37 years old)

I've been going to Heaven gym for more than 7 years and it's just a great place ?. It's not just about exercise and healthy lifestyle, but also the atmosphere, the friendship new opportunities. You can get all that there, you just have to come....

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Jiří Štrunc (49 years old)

I've been going to Heavengy for over six months. As a former athlete, I can responsibly say that I was incredibly taken care of by the professional trainer Filip Šimeček, who perfectly understood what my body and mind needed during several training sessions. His years of experience both in pro sports and in coaching is perfectly applied in an individual approach to each person. In my case, he raised my standard of living in an incredible way. Training with Filip helped me not only physically but also mentally. One appreciates oneself more, trusts oneself, feels stronger more resilient and in short life connected with exercise and at the same time with a good group of people has greatly influenced my life. To all those who want to make some change in their life, to move to a higher level, to improve health and mental quality of sometimes stereotyped and often consumerist life, I highly recommend to try to visit this amazing group of people in Heavengy!!!! You will be delighted!!

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Miroslav Líbal (43 years old)

Professional and friendly environment, personal approach and precise preparation. This is what fitness HeavenGym is like. I found here everything I was looking for, boxing, circuit and strength training. Flexibility is their domain.

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Helena Seifertová (grandmother)

Women, draw with Lucy! Fat isn't sexy?


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Martina Rybová (47 years old)

The Ministry of Health warns: Exercising with Luka is totally addictive, causes euphoria and divine bodies..!!! ☠️??️‍♀️ Addict Martya

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Daniel Rychnavský (27 years old)

I wouldn't have been able to get moving on my own, but thanks to Phil and his Heaven Gym, which always gets me up and motivated to exercise in the morning, I have a better day right away and have a chance to recharge and reenergize! Despite the fact that I hate Filip during my workout, a few minutes after, I love him! ? ? ?

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Sabina Lukšová

I started many times and always ended early before I started going to Haven gym where I have been going regularly for over a year and for me it is absolutely top in all aspects??

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Jakub Mráček (30 years old)

I must recommend a personal and warm approach, it is necessary to follow the advice and advice of the best coach in heaven and the results will come! Just hang in there! Thank you coach ?!

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Tomáš Jůza

My name is Tomáš Jůza Since my childhood I was attracted to martial arts, which I did several times before I...
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Lucie Klimovicova

Since I was a little girl, I was driven to sports. My first steps began with modern gymnastics training. Next, I trained in sports...
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Karel Trefil

I'm from a generation when exercise was more than just a recommendation from the gym teacher and doctors, but a perfectly natural part of everyday...
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Anička Hrabáková

Hi my name is Anička and I am a group class trainer at Heaven Gym since May 2022. I'm into sports...
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Lucie Švihálková

Hi, my name is Lucka and sport has been with me since childhood. Most of my time has been devoted to athletics. Subsequently, I went through...
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Filip Šimeček

Hi, my name is Filip and I started Taekwondo ITF as a preschooler. With the national team of the Czech Republic I...
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